Wednesday, January 8, 2014


coffee. vanilla latte. ice coffee, splash of soy, two pumps of vanilla syrup. no matter how it is made, i love my coffee. it is one of the first things i do in the morning to make sure i don't have a pounding headache all day. i might say that i have become an addict.. oops. 

so today my amazing friend, benit took me to an awesome coffee shop THIRTY minutes away from me! but i totally knew it was going to be worth it, so of course i hopped into the car and we made our way to yet another adventure. this amazing coffee shop called Old Soul definitely had that h i p s t e r vibe, but i didn't mind because i was getting my coffee. it was a typical coffee shop; way too comfy couches that you don't wanna get off of, indie music playing in the background, and your typical foam art. but I'm not gonna lie, the vanilla latte was awesome! for food... they had a breakfast sandwich that look incredible but i ended up getting the banana bread that was so flavorful and definitely left me wanting more. i will definitely be visiting again but it just sucks that it is unfortunately 30 minutes away from me. 

i had an awesome day drinking an delicious cup of coffee & chatting with some glorious friends. I guess friends and coffee make the perfect blend ;) another adventurous day in the books for 2014. what were some of your adventures? 


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  1. 30 minutes is definitely worth it when you find such great places like these :)
    xo TJ