Monday, January 6, 2014


Yaaaawn! That is how I've been feeling these last few days. . . just exhausted. With getting less than five hours of sleep last night and working till 12:45 AM this morning at Justice, all I want right now is S L E E P. But I guess I can "sleep when I'm dead" oor just drink more coffee.

Since I haven't posted the last few days- from being extremely drained- I thought I would share a little experiment I did with my friend Benit [(( ))] the other day! We thought we would be h i p s t e r s and make an acai bowl. What is that you ask? Basically, it's fruit soup or a smoothie poured into a bowl.

Now making this so easy! All you need is the acai packets (you can get these at Nugget Market or Whole Foods.. Im sure other places carry them but I have gotten them only at those two places), next you need frozen fruit, and apple juice. I put the frozen acai packets in the blender with bananas, a bit of apple juice, along with a few frozen raspberries, mangoes, and blueberries. You want the consistency to be pretty thick. After it is all blended up, you just pour it in a bowl, (hence the smoothie in a bowl) and you can put granola and more fruit on top. It is super yummy & so easy to do! If you have any questions let me know :) 

Just trying to be adventurous in the new year of 2 0 1 4! 


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