Sunday, January 12, 2014


As I sit here at the airport with my coffee (of course) & my delicious bagel (NOT- airport food is not always the best), my mind begins to wonder. I am waiting for my flight to Portland and I start to think that there are so many different lives and stories around me. Thousands upon thousands of people are traveling to get to their destination. It just amazes me that all these people have a different story. So many things have happened to them and are hoping to change in the new year. To talk to someone, especially at an airport, is such a journey and privilege because by talking to them, you are able to grow and understand other peoples lives. 
Not only in airports, but everywhere we go; college campuses, malls, grocery stores- everyone has a story. It's so beautiful if you truly think about it. 



  1. I have this same thought everwhere I go when I have a chance to "people watch" its kind of tragic how so many stories out there go untold! I need to be braver and maybe try talking to someone. hear there story! that would be so cool!!! :) thank you for posting this. And we have the same name. which is the best name any one could ever have pretty much haha! lexie's UNITE!!

  2. Annnd you spell it the best way ;) haha